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W.T.F Is Spanish Anyway! 

A Tale of Dicks and Pricks 

A memoir of heroin addiction and recovery


How did Fiona Ralton change from a sweet country girl who loved ballet, to a goth-punk chick giving hand jobs to strange men to support her heroin addiction.

A cautionary tale, Fiona’s story details the damage that comes from losing sight of real life, of getting lost in a world of men and heroin. However, amongst the tragedy that comes with drugs and prostitution, Fiona’s wicked sense of humour shines as she pokes fun at her own appetite for destruction.

Take a look behind the scenes and experience the dark side of Sydney in the 80s and 90s as Fiona recounts her days as a rub-and-tug girl in a massage parlour, a stripper in a XXX club, and the girl-toy of some local musos. Rejoice with her as she reveals how she overcame the self-destructive voices in her head that led her down the path to loneliness, drug addiction, and isolation.

As a woman who battled anxiety and self-esteem issues, Fiona hopes her story can help others know they are not alone, and to realise there is a way out.

Funny, witty, and more than a tad outrageous, Fiona walks the line between wry observation and excruciating honesty.

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