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About the Author

Fiona Ralton

Fiona Ralton 06 L.jpg

Fiona Ralton is a local in the beautiful country town of Penola in south-east South Australia. Fiona was always a devourer of books. She would nail the Silver Brumby series in her younger years, and moving on to her teens, she lived in the fantasy world of The Hobbit, and loved the horrors from Stephen king and Clive Barker.


Speed through to her 40s, after being an heroin addict survivor, Fiona has finally broken free from the demons of her past with the help of her first memoir, WTF is Spanish anyway?!  She hopes to break down the barriers of shame and guilt that ex-drug addicts and sex-workers feel once they are out of the grip of addiction.


Fiona is still trying to perfect her first love, writing, and is currently working on a fiction novel loosely based on other aspects of her life.

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